We look forward to seeing you!


Tuesday, May 21st @ 4-7pm

District Hall, Seaport District

75 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

Don't miss Harvard Stem Cell Institute's Kevin Eggan, who will be speaking at 5:30pm on the importance of preserving your youngest, healthiest cells. 


Introducing GoodCell: we help you preserve your healthiest cells.goodcell-kit

GoodCell saves your youngest cells - stem cells, DNA, and biomarkers - to leverage emerging science that could potentially restore health when you’re older. The GoodCell team will have phlebotomists at our pop-up event to make it easier than ever to save your cells now.


What You Get

Purchase for $249 (50% off the $499 price) at the pop-up and receive:

The GoodCell Kit

Everything needed to safely and securely collect your personal biology

Professional Blood Draw On-Site

One of our certified phlebotomists collects and ships your sample


Your DNA, blood plasma and stem cells are processed and cryopreserved


GoodCell will keep you up to date with the latest stem cell advances in a quarterly newsletter.



Our Advisors: Leaders in Stem Cell Research


David Scadden-Goodcell

David Scadden, MD

Co-founder and Chair of GoodCell's Scientific Advisory Board 
Co-founder of Harvard Stem Cell Institute 
Professor, Harvard University


Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD

Director, Stanford Cardiovascular Institute
Professor, Stanford University


Kevin Eggan, PhD

Principal Investigator, Harvard Stem Cell Institute 
Director, Stem Cell Biology, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute 
Professor, Harvard University


Steve McCarroll, Ph.D

Dir. of Genetics Broad Institute Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research 
Professor, Harvard Medical School